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Ritual production - more than 1000 items
Own production of crosses made of wood and metal, coffins, ritual textiles
Convenient logistics from the Penza region throughout Russia
Excellent value for money and quality
Work in accordance with Federal Law No. 44 and No. 223 governing the current system of contract procurement
Favorable discounts, personal prices and a loyalty program for regular and large customers

CREST58 offers to buy funeral goods in bulk from the manufacturer:

we make oak and pine crosses, metal crosses, benches, benches, tables, coffins, wreaths, ritual textiles and related products, including plates, ribbons and accessories.

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Ритуальные товары оптом
The catalog: ritual products for the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths
Small and large wholesale with delivery in Russia

Favorable conditions for cooperation to wholesale dealers and retail stores who are interested in the regular supply of inexpensive ritual goods

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Ritual crosses and coffins wholesale

In the assortment of the company "CREST58" there is everything you need so that your customers can adequately spend the last and dearest and dearest person. Any purchase is carried out strictly individually, so you can create an order based on current needs.

Кресты из дуба, сосны или металла
Oak, pine or metal crosses
traditional, different colors, in the form of a "house", with an inscription, icon or crucifix
4-, 6- or 8-sided, in various configurations, simple or varnished. Various shades available
Надмогильные сооружения
Grave constructions
benches, tables, benches and fences. We make national memorial constructions taking into account the requirements of the faith of the deceased: metal and wooden Muslim boards, pipes with a crescent moon, as well as compact and Jewish plates with the star of David.
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The company "Cross58" for more than 5 years in the wholesale market funeral goods

Более 5 лет на оптовом рынке
4-, 6- or 8-sided, in various configurations, simple or varnished. Different shades available
4-, 6- or 8-sided, in various configurations, simple or varnished. Different shades available
4-, 6- or 8-sided, in various configurations, simple or varnished. Different shades available

Wreaths and baskets for graves

We will deliver ritual wreaths and baskets with a unique decorative design: we use satin ribbons, weaving of artificial flowers and other elements.

The design of the wreaths includes a steel frame and details for installation on the grave.

An important advantage of such products: the lack of margins for intermediaries, since the purchase is direct from the manufacturer. The price depends on the size, complexity of the decor and the quantity of goods in your application.

In the catalog you can collect a personal order for wreaths: choose models according to height, shape and design. We recommend composing an application with a variety of products: the demand depends on the preferences of each customer individually.

Венки и корзинки для могил

Ritual textiles and related products

In addition to large products, the Krest58 Company will supply you with any accessories necessary for organizing a funeral:

Ritual wardrobe: clothes, hats, underwear, shoes
Ritual textiles: upholstery for the coffin, bedspreads, pillows, coffin sets and more
Various related products: tablets (including Muslim ones), crucifixes, pens and twists for the coffin, ribbons, lace, braid and candles, as well as complex funeral kits for Orthodox Christians.
Ритуальный текстиль

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Want to wholesale funeral goods at the best prices? Interested in a wide range of products and the most favorable conditions for wholesale customers? Contact the company "CREST58". We will do our best so that you never regret your choice!

Help in choosing funeral goods

We advise all customers for free: we recommend products that are in high demand and competitive price. We focus on your region and budget.

Reimbursement for logistics services

We provide our own transport for the delivery of ritual goods in bulk to any locality in the Russian Federation.

Flexible policy of cooperation with buyers

Any set of ritual products, various payment options and the possibility of supplying small and large parties.

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We are waiting for questions and requests. We work both with private stores selling ritual goods, and with large wholesale warehouses

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